16 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Engagement Like Never Before

16 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Engagement Like Never Before

It’s no more a secret that solid, engaging content plays a key role in any social media marketing strategy. It transforms an online business by generating thousands of views and comments from the engaged and interested target audience. The right social media marketing plan and tools can convert these interested and engaged people into your customers. So, to help you out, I am sharing a few social media marketing tips that you can use to create an effective content your audience will love to engage with.

1. Understand your audience

This one is the first and a crucial step in your social media strategy plan! Understand it this way, a 10-year-old boy will probably not read your blog on how to invest in mutual funds but he will find a video on the latest video game quite interesting. What I mean to say is, you must know your audience and who you believe would be most interested in reading your posts or whatever you have to share with them.

Tips to define your audience:

Ask yourself a few questions to understand how to use social media for the business you want to promote, including,

  • What is my product for? How can it help others? – These questions will help you figure out the relevant content that you can relate to your brand.
  • Who will buy/use my product or services?  – This will help you build a buyer’s persona (the characters, interests, and demographics) and you can devise your communication strategy according to your targeted audience. One of the social media marketing strategy examples can be, if your products are for young college goers, your language and posts style will have more fun, adventure, and humor in it than if you target middle-level professionals.
  • What all social media channels am I going to use for my business? -Remember, you don’t need to be all over the place for this. Just find out the key social media platforms where you can better interact with your targeted audience and initially focus on them. You can always expand your brand’s presence on other channels in future.

Note: Although you should initially focus on 3-4 social media channels, I would suggest you create an account with your brand name on all the popular social channels before anyone else does… a brand account with username @crazydigitalmarketer will sound more authentic than @crazydigitalmark007 isn’t it? So, it’s better you create an account on all the channels before anyone else create an account with your desired user name. It’s not necessary you post on all of them.. just claim your name!

2. Determine the Frequency

You will have to figure out your own posting strategy. However, it won’t be a wise decision to post 20-30 times a day on a particular social media marketing platform. Trust me, it will annoy your connections and they might end up unfollowing you! 2-3 status updates a day and publishing 1-2 articles or any other long form contents in a week will do. Try different posting schedules to find out what works best for you like the number of posts in a day, the time for each post and even the type of content to post on a particular day.

3. Find out industry specific content

Target your industry with relevant content. Look around for how businesses use social media, especially your competitors and brainstorm a range of content that can add value to your targeted audience. Take for example a brand offering travel packages can post travel tips or hacks, travel information, destination specific videos, and blogs to engage their audience. Look around for the contents you can use and try creating your own content as well. If you are unable to create the content on your own, consider using a curation method, which focuses on collating industry relevant content from the web but do contribute your own perspective on the topic.

4. Identify trending topics

Once you have finalized all the range of content that you will cover for your social media activity, the next thing you should be doing is identify the trending topics under each subhead. Like in the above example, a company dealing in travel services can look around for trending destinations, travel tips, news or any other travel related topic that they can share with their audience. So keep an eye out on such topics and create a tailor-made piece of content to make them go viral!

Quick tip:
Keep a tab on the trending hashtags on each platform and see which of them you can use in your post. The right use of the hashtag at the right time can help you reach more people in less time.

5. Plan in Advance

After you have identified your topics, the next step is to organize the content on a calendar or social media marketing plan template and decide when you want to share them. You will find many helpful tools through which you can schedule your content in advance. Also, maintain an excel sheet containing all the details of your posting activities for each month. This not only saves time, but you are able to focus your energy on finding the right content for your audience.

6. Use different form of content

It is scientifically proven that 90% of information that your brain processes are visual, which processes 60,000 times more efficiently than reading a text. Amazing isn’t it? On top of that, 40% of people respond better to visuals than text. Here’s more, after just one month of using visual content, brands saw a whopping 65% increase in their engagement. What does this mean? That, you should use content with more visuals in them. However, don’t ignore the power of text! Make sure your content strategy is a proper mix of photos, videos, gifs, infographics, texts and few long form content like blogs or articles.

7. Write Relevant Content

Don’t beat around the bush. Your content should be creative as well as relevant if you want your followers to read and share it.

8. Have your own voice

As a content creator, it’ll be in your best interest to find your own voice. There are so many people trying different things to engage their users, having your own voice and style of writing will definitely help you stand out in the crowd. Try using the same tone in all your content… friendly, humorous or formal choose your style. Also, define few colors and image style for your visuals and stick to it for all of your posts to make your audience recognize your brand. Having a consistent voice and style is must to communicate effectively with your audience. For reference, you can check out the Facebook pages of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Coca-Cola who beautifully use their brand colors (purple and red respectively) in nearly all of the posts.

9. Use Emojis whenever you can

I use them quite often in my social media posts. Using emojis in your posts is one way to encourage a reaction. This sets the tone and shows the reader how you hope they’ll react. Just don’t go overboard! Restrict to one or two emojis in a post.

10. Interview industry leaders

Interview posts are one of the best ways to create truly valuable content. Reaching out to various thought-leaders and industry experts makes it possible to collate their tips, advice, and guidance into a handy resource. You can address your industry’s burning questions, and cover popular topics as comprehensively as possible.

What’s more? You can leverage your interviewee’s existing audience to promote and boost your own content! By including a thought-leader in your posts, your site will surely benefit from the surge in traffic when they reshare it with their own social media audiences.

11. Unveil a new product or share some background actions

Had a new product release? Made an exciting update to your service offerings? Something funny or interesting happened in your team?… Share it with your audience. It will generate excitement, trust and will help your followers truly connect with your brand.

12. Involve your audience

For content to go viral, it has to engage people, try running a contest or ask for their opinions on an interesting or trending topic. This will make your readers feel compelled to share their opinions and thoughts, critique your ideas, or promote your post to their friends and colleagues, engagement is the key to effective content marketing.

13. Generate a call to action

“A compelling CTA (call to action) can increase the response to your post by 30 to 50 percent or more”- Social Rabbit.

Try including a call to action at the end of your maximum posts that explain to the reader why they should read the post or should contact you. By using a relevant call to action options and other such technique, you can create effective online sales funnel for your brand. Just don’t be spammy use CTAs in relevant posts only. It is important you share your content on all your social media platforms in a thoughtful and strategic way.

14. Those freebies always work!

People love getting something for free. Spark intrigue among your audience by offering freebies… gift card, extra 10% off or some branded item. You can also use this opportunity to generate more leads by gather email addresses from the participants.

15. Go Live

Live streaming has become a hot new way for brands to reach their audience. consumers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram almost all the major offer live streaming. Take advantage of it. You can stream any relevant industry event, your weekly news report, some exciting milestones for your product, interview with an industry expert or few tips or how-tos. It’s a great way to get people to pay closer attention to your brand.

16. Do Follow Up With Generated Activity

If your content marketing efforts are working, you’re going to notice a spike in your activity. This could be anything from increased views to more page likes to comments on the posts or even direct messages from viewers. With that said, now is the time to strike up a conversation. If people are viewing your online profile or liking your brand page, consider striking up a dialogue with them to uncover potential opportunities. Keep a tab around for the activity on your page and interact with your audience as much as possible. Reply to their direct messages, say thanks or ask some engaging question if they comment on your post or tag you somewhere. You should even reshare other’s posts once in a week to generate more engagement.


Use these helpful social media marketing strategies to make your audience click, like, comment, and share your posts. Just make sure you keep them engaged by sharing relevant and meaningful (and sometimes funny) content that inspire a reaction and spark intrigue. The better you do this, the more engaged your followers will be and the more generated leads you will have.

By the way, how do you currently engage your audience? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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