9 Reasons Why Local SEO Will Help Attract New Customers to Your Business

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I run a small bakery down the street, why do I need to apply the local search SEO? How will this weird sounding technical thing help me attract new customers? How much will this cost? Well, here are the reasons why you need Local SEO marketing.

To begin with the first question, all local businesses, from the real estate agencies, contractors, accountants, upcoming events in town, restaurants, bakeries, florists and gift shops can use local SEO to improve their business and make more money.

Secondly, every month over 2 billion people do local searches on Google alone (so, how many potential customers you are leaving out, I am sure you can do the maths 🙂 !). Know the basics of What is local SEO and why do you need it?

Here are the top reasons why Local SEO will help you attract new customers.

Reason #1: People are switching to the internet to find local businesses

When was the last time you used the printed directory, newspaper or yellow pages to check the address or phone number of the nearest food outlet? Probably ages ago!

These days people depend on the internet to find information about all types of products and services, the business address, their phone numbers, how to reach the shop… everything.

To be more precise, only 28 percent of the total population prefer using printed directories, rest 68 percent use online search engines to find a local business. Though this data vary from one site to another, but the fact remains the same, online searches are increasing like never before and if your business isn’t found in local search results, you’ll end up miss out on new customers.

Reason #2: Use of Mobile Internet is growing like anything 

In a country like India where there is a rapid growth in the Internet penetration that is expected to grow 2.5 times by 2020, with mobile leading the race, high chances are that your potential customer will use his Smartphone (or probably an App almost 90% of the time) to reach you.

Although local SEO tactics cover both desktop and mobile internet access but I am sure you’ll want to focus on the one that can generate more leads for your business.

Reason #3: Use of Print Media is declining

Recent figures show in last 20 years some local newspapers have lost almost 80% of their readership. Why? People are turning to the internet. So, why not invest your efforts in promoting your business there?

Reason #4: Customers look for online business reviews

Want to order some food? Look online for the best restaurant with a 5-star rating and with positive user reviews. We do it quite often while buying almost everything (I do it all the time!). Almost everyone does so before availing a service or buying a product. So, make sure you ask your happy customers to leave a positive review about your business.

People use mobile for local searches
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Reason #5: Reach out the customers who ACTUALLY (& immediately) need you

Without a doubt, local search marketing is highly targeted and timely tool. They help you target the customers who will actually need your services and the high chances are they might be looking for the service immediately (or on the same day).

By applying the local search strategies you can better position your business and elevate the chances of attracting the nearby customers when they’re searching for your kind of business.

Reason #6: You’ll get the highest Conversion level here

Local Search SEO provide the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels. Many reports claim that local directory marketing (one of the many strategies of Local search SEO) has higher conversion rate than any other traditional advertising option; as high as up to 50 percent in few cases. What does this mean? Simple, you can convert almost every 2nd lead into your actual customer!

Reason #7: It’s a great return on investment

Grow your business with local seo marketing
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As mentioned earlier, you are reaching out to the customer when they actually need you! This makes Local SEO both cost-effective and highly efficient. Much cheaper than distributing the leaflets or paying a hefty amount for a 4X2 sized ad in the local newspaper or for a 2-second ad on the radio.

Reason #8: Only a few of the businesses have claimed a Google’s local listing

Many local businesses haven’t figured out the importance of online marketing yet. That means this is the right time to take the actions. First mover advantage over your competitors!

Reason #9: Most of the opportunities are FREE!

Google My Business is free listing that can get you listed on Google’s local Business and will increase the chances of placing you high in local search results on Google. Similarly, it is free to list your business to almost all the other sites like Bing, TripAdvisor, Yelp.


These Local Search trends are strong now and they’re only going to get stronger and more significant in the future. Now is the time for you to take advantage of local search engine optimization and boost your business. Here are a few handy tactics that you can use to win your Local SEO strategy.

In case you need some expert help to handle the local search SEO, feel free to contact me anytime.

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