14 Sure-shot Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post


When you finish making your blog post with opening lines, attractive headings, and meaningful content and finally post it on your site. The next step is to promote it across to let everyone know about it. It is not only about publishing it immediately after you finish. Rather it is also about the timing. You have to find the perfect moment to post your blog. So you hit the publish button, what next? Is the job done? People will start visiting your blog and your site will rank on the top? Just like that? Well, the fact is, it’s just another post released into the already overcrowded world! Even though most people and bloggers think that you just have to sit back and see how people will react, that is not a wise decision. Continue reading “14 Sure-shot Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post”

12 FREE Ways To Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently the largest social networking site for professionals. Be it a fresher, a start-up, a small business owner, or a CEO, everyone who aims to grow professionally is on LinkedIn. That’s why I call it the Professional’s Facebook! 🙂

In this article, you’ll discover the best ways to do your personal branding on LinkedIn. Read on to learn more about LinkedIn marketing
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