4 Essential Symbols You Must Know To Win Online Marketing

Want to make a successful career in Digital Marketing? You must understand the common terms that are used by the experts. In this edition, I have listed down 4 of the important symbols and numbers you must understand and add to your digital marketing glossary.

 # (Hashtag)

You must have seen people using this symbol in their posts on Facebook and Twitter. We place the hashtag (#) in front of a word or words to tag a post. It’s often used to group posts by popular categories of interest and to help users follow discussion topics. For Example, if you search #FriendsForever, here are the results that popped up…

Digital Marketing Glossay: Example of hashtag usage
Use of hashtags


You can see all the posts that showed up has a #friendsforever hashtag in them. Similarly, you can try searching on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media sites you like. Do remember that overuse of hashtags in a single post is too annoying to read and people generally don’t like reading such ‘Hashtag killer’ sort of posts. It sounds more professional to use one or two hashtags in a post and not more than that. I’ll talk more about how to optimize a hashtag to generate more user engagement in my upcoming blogs.

@ (At)

Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter use the @ tag users in the message or post. Recently, the WhatsApp also introduced the feature to tag someone in a group.

301 Redirect 

Means- Moved permanently. It shows up when you change the link to a page. They automatically redirect the search to the new or correct location of a missing or renamed URL. I’ll share few tricks that you can use to generate more traffic from a 301 redirect.

404 Error (File not Found)

You must have encountered this error while trying to open a link that no longer exists or has been moved to a new location (having a different link). The latest trend that many good sites follow is to customize the 404 error page in an engaging way that will let the user explore the other pages of their site. For example, See this image.

Digital Marketing Glossary: Screenshot of customised 404 error
Image Courtesy: crazydigitalmarketer.com

This is a customized 404 page for my site which I created with a free WordPress plugin called Forty Four – 404 Plugin and till now it seems quite impressive and has a good page loading speed. For better user engagement and to redirect the user to your website, you can go ahead and create your own customized 404 page with the help of any of the free 404 plugins available out there. If you have any problem in getting a customized page, feel free to contact me here, I’ll help you out!

These are the four important symbols and numbers you must understand as a digital marketer.  Stay tuned to this section for the latest list of terms and symbols used in Digital Marketing.

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