12 FREE Ways To Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently the largest social networking site for professionals. Be it a fresher, a start-up, a small business owner, or a CEO, everyone who aims to grow professionally is on LinkedIn. That’s why I call it the Professional’s Facebook! 🙂

In this article, you’ll discover the best ways to do your personal branding on LinkedIn. Read on to learn more about LinkedIn marketing

Why YOU Should be on LinkedIn?

In case you don’t know already, there are a number of logical and valid reasons to be on LinkedIn. Getting in touch with your old colleagues, using your profile as a resume for the potential employer, looking for new opportunities in the job market, connecting with new professionals, joining relevant groups to fetch desired information, and now, it’s one of the great (and SEO friendly) blogging platform too. So, if you don’t have an account, go create one now! And do connect with me there (my LinkedIn ID https://www.linkedin.com/in/crazydigitalmarketer/).

Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Let’s start the work!

#1: Optimize your profile

To utilize the platform in a best possible way, the first thing you should do is optimize your profile that reflects the best side of your personality and profession. Here are the tips to make it possible.

  • Make sure your Profile is Complete

Don’t miss out on any of the elements of your profile. From your full name, your designation, your current job, the industry you work in, your location, fill each and every detail correctly and properly.

  • Add a Photo That Fits Your Personality and Profession

Your picture can definitely affect your success! Pick a friendly picture that aligns with your role. Avoid selfies though! Quick Tip: A square picture of size less than 10 MB and approx of 400 X 400 pixels is considered the best.

  • Use a Catchy headline

It is the first thing people check while viewing your profile, so make sure you have the right things to say! Though by default, the current employment position is the headline you can customize it to demonstrate your expertise, your goal or the vision for your role. Few examples are ‘Helping Business Coaches, Consultants & Accountants to ATTRACT, WIN & RETAIN more profitable clients’, ‘Wordsmith with proven ability to translate business objectives into communications strategies’, ‘experienced admin assistant who never misses a deadline’. Also, you can use industry-relevant keywords in your headline (see point 2).

  • Tell your story using the summary section

Add a personal touch to the summary by adding few details or activities you enjoy outside of your work. Instead of only showing the corporate bio to the world show them what you are as a person instead. You can add a video, picture or presentation in this section that can help define you better.

  • The Experience section is equally important

Highlight all the key positions you’ve held and make a comprehensive list of your achievements for each position. Don’t want to say much? Go ahead and add the details of your education background! Like in the summary, you can add photos, recent videos, links, documents, and presentation in order to put your experience in front of the world in a unique way!

  • Don’t forget to update your current location

Your current location means a lot. Imagine a recruiter is looking for a suitable candidate for immediate hiring or for a candidate who is in the nearby area and can turn up for the interview the following day. Won’t it help him/ her to shortlist you if you add your current location to your profile? Make sure you update your location as soon as you move out to the new one.

#2: Use some SEO tricks to make your profile stand out

Like Google, LinkedIn search algorithm (well, almost all the search algorithms in the world for that matters!) sources keywords from different locations of your profile and thus rank it accordingly. So, it’s important to focus on keywords, analyze well about the keywords which people use a lot like a team leader, experienced, analyst, specialist and then focus on including them throughout your profile. If you are not aware of the keywords then sit back and research well before you proceed with the content.

Quick Tips: Linkedin releases the list of overused keyword every year. Make sure you read the list of the keywords and avoid using the keywords in your profile. If you don’t want your profile to stand out, use unique keywords.

#3: Use the background wisely!

You can use the background image (the photo that displays above your name and headline)to communicate more about you. People generally use a stock image, city skylines or nature images as their background; however, you can use this space to show a miniature portfolio, the image of your publications, you interacting with relevant people or even the testimonial of one of your clients!

#4: Use customized URL

As an important website, LinkedIn has a pretty high Google PageRank. As a result, for a better personal branding, you can go ahead and create a customized URL linked to your full name. Why? Well, this will help you to rank high for your name on Google!

Quick tip: You can create a customized URL for all other social media accounts and your blogs, online resume to rank high on Google.

#5: Connect with the Right People

Once your profile is good to go, start networking. Connect with former colleagues, trusted friends, classmates, industry leaders and other professionals. It’s okay if you don’t know many people there, you can simply send an invitation to connect with them. Don’t forget to include a personal note explaining why you’d like to connect, then the person may be more likely to accept your invitation.

#6: Earn Endorsements

A quick and effective way to make a brand and stand out from the crowd! Make sure you post your skills and ask your friends and acquaintances to endorse them. The endorsements add another layer of authenticity to your brand.

#7: Join relevant groups

Join the groups that are relevant to your profession and industry. A great way to network as well as to build your brand. Just don’t go on spamming the groups with heavy promotions, interact with the people in a natural way and focus on demonstrating your expertise.

#8: Customize your feed and follow the right people

Follow people who matter to you the most. Follow LinkedIn influencers to get the latest updates and insights on the industry. You can unfollow the connections whose updates you don’t find relevant (you will still stay connected to them and they won’t know that you unfollowed them!) How to do it? Simple, click the control menu (the three dots on the top-right corner) –> click unfollow –> insert the name of the connection.

#9: Publish Relevant Content

“Millennials spend 75 percent (approx 18 hours) of their day in consuming media.” – Entrepreneur

So focus on utilizing the feature of a status update. You can share various things on your profile to make it dynamic like interesting articles, website, videos, pictures or an interesting document. Share your experience like an interesting people you met, events you attended, or a thought that occurred to your mind and is relevant enough to share. Sharing relevant content will showcase your thoughts and expertise. Also, you’ll quickly see an increase in your profile views!

Quick Tip: Publishing long-form content (an interesting article or some insights of a recent survey or research) is a great way to engage the audience and to build your brand.  

#10: Leverage other’s content

Don’t be self-obsessed! It’s great to create unique and compelling content but you need to acknowledge, appreciate and interact with your connections and followers. Like the posts, people in your network share, comment, and contribute your views to the ongoing conversations, share if you think you should spread the information. These activities will provide you the right opportunity to interact with people and to showcase your expertise.

#11: Create a SlideShare Account

This will give a further SEO boost to your brand! On an average approximately 4 million people (from the desktop alone!) visit LinkedIn SlideShare daily. Furthermore, each and every presentation uploaded on the slide share gets indexed by the Google. Can you afford to ignore such a great opportunity to boost your SEO? You can share your presentations, videos, webinar recordings and well-designed content on SlideShare.

Quick Tip: Add SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn profile to boost your personal brand!

#12: Create a LinkedIn Company Page

If you want to develop a brand for both you and your business, go ahead and create a Company Page on LinkedIn. You will find the option of creating a company page in the drop down menu of your Profile Photo in the top right corner of the navigation bar. You can create a page for your company even if you’re a solo business or an independent consultant like me.


LinkedIn definitely opens up doors and gives you a platform wherein you need to work and create an engaging platform instead of just pasting your resume. But meanwhile, be wise and remember some important points:

  • Just keep it professional, what you ate and how you slept is something no one is bothered about.
  • It’s not Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so, instead of posting 20-25 times a day, limit your post to maximum 2-3 post per day. Else you might be counted as a
  • Never invite unwanted trouble by talking on sensitive topics, keep yourself safe and peaceful.
  • Do not pitch your brand too much, screaming out here would instead be counted negative for you.

Use this valuable platform wisely to build a credible and sensible network. Once you begin building the brand, you’ll be surprised at the number of opportunities that will come your way!

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