How To Become A Digital Marketing Expert All By Yourself

How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert_Crazy Digital Marketer

More than 66 percent of the world’s population is online. As people are spending more time using the internet, businesses are also forced to shift their focus on advertising their products on various online platforms to reach their potential customers. Of course, their ads have to be there where the eyeballs are! However, digital marketing is not as simple as traditional marketing. A digital marketer is supposed to carry out marketing campaigns on digital channels – email, website, mobile, social media and a lot more places to create awareness, offer information to prospects, and draw qualified leads to conversions (sales!). This guide will help you learn digital marketing all by yourself!

Take a look at these stats,

How to choose the right digital marketing course for you?

Now that the future prospects are clear, the next thing that may come to your mind will be- Which digital marketing course should I join? Should I invest in an online digital marketing course or a classroom-based course will be better? A lot of courses on digital marketing have emerged in the past few years and it feels quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right program without overpaying for it. Workshops, online courses, webinars and individual coaching programs there are so many options out there! There are even MBA programs with specialization in digital marketing and various certification exams like Google Adwords and Analytics certification, HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification program. But does attending all these courses and getting all the certificates make you a digital marketing expert? Well, to be really honest, the answer is NO!

No doubt such courses will help you learn the fundamentals and even some advanced concepts in digital marketing, but it does not make you career ready for a position like Digital Marketing Manager. The real expertise comes with digital marketing experience.

How To Become A Digital Marketing Expert All By Yourself?

If you are interested in choosing digital marketing as your career, there are two simple ways of becoming an expert, one is to find a digital marketing job as a fresher that will teach you how to do it along the way, and second, to pick up skills by yourself! The first option is good if you can secure a job in a Digital Marketing Agency where you are surrounded by people who can teach you the work. But if you are unable to crack the interview, don’t worry, you can still learn digital marketing skills all by yourself!

This guide will help you find the best way to do it. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a small amount of money to practice it (I started with only $80 in hand!). You can learn digital marketing by applying all the concepts, tricks and techniques in your own project. All these steps can be done in 30 days by investing one hour per day. After you do all these steps you would have gained a bit of hands-on experience in all the major areas of Digital Marketing. So let’s start,

Step 1: Start A Blog

The first thing you have to do in order to get into the learning mode is to start a blog. You have to ask yourself, what do you love? It doesn’t matter whether it’s about one of the latest flicks, cars or health blog just choose a niche you find interesting. You will have to write content each day for the blog and if you don’t pick an interesting topic, you will eventually lose your interest and might end up abandoning or selling off your blog for peanuts!

Before you start a blog you have to learn a few objectives:

  • Register a domain name.
  • Understand how to create a blog or a site using WordPress.
  • Find a hosting server to start the blog.
  • Learn the basics of digital marketing.
Basic Elements of digital marketing_Crazy Digital Marketer
Basic Components of Digital Marketing

Step 2: Learn To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

Once you have decided the niche of your blog, the next thing you want to do is to start creating the first set of articles for the blog. But before that, you need to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It will help you understand who you are writing for and what are the things such people want to read or know about. Knowing your readers will help you attract those initial visitors to your website.

Do some keyword research (the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines to search for a particular topic) before writing the content. You can adjust the content on your website based on the keywords so that search engine could determine what your blog is about and rank it accordingly. Well-targeted content helps you rank your website better on the search result.

Quick Tips To Start Optimizing Your Content For SEO

  • Many new bloggers commit a grave mistake! They try to focus on too many niches with a single site. Since its a start, you will have to post biweekly content for each topic, which is a tedious task and you will have no time left to learn about the other digital marketing elements. The whole blog content should focus on only one, singular theme, for example, if you want to write about cars then your blog should revolve around the different type of cars or content related to automobiles in general and you should stay away from clubbing it with topics like clothing or lifestyle. Not only the search engines but also the readers prefer blogs that specialize in a particular topic. Focus on a single niche and if you think you want to write about some other topic as well, start a separate site for the topic later.
  • As mentioned earlier, do some a keyword research. Understand how keyword density changes the way your content For example, if your blog is about cars, you can think and find some keywords such as “best sports cars” or “best cars under $ 15000”, but it is important to find a perfect and specific keyword that will differentiate you from other blogs and websites. On the other hand, keyword density is a number of keywords that appear in the article or blog. The typical density is between 1% and 2%, which means that there is one keyword for every 100 words. Just remember, you don’t want to stuff too many keywords in a particular blog because that will not be as effective. It is always better to write your content targeting one or two main keywords and make sure they are included naturally on your blog. It’s a great way to win your SEO strategy.

Step 3: Measure The Performance Of Your Website With Analytics

The best thing about digital marketing is that you can measure the performance of your website anytime. You can find how many people visited your site in a day, how much time they stay on your website and how did they get there in the first place! All you have to do is set up a Google Analytics account for your website and start playing with it. Analytics is considered as one of the most valuable tools for digital marketing expert. It is perfect for improving the performance of your website. It’s free and super easy to set up.

Step 4: Accelerate Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is the best way to explore your creative side and to find more visitors. You can start with the first article you publish. You can create blogs, videos, infographics and other visual content to enhance your content marketing efforts. It is also the most powerful, and a free way to boost your business. It is important to create a perfect strategy for your articles and blogs to keep your audience engaged and motivated to visit your site.

Step 5: Start Converting The Site Visitors Into Your Email Subscribers

That’s how you get to practice your email marketing strategy! Try converting a new visitor into a free email subscriber. And what happens once someone is an email subscriber? Well, then you can try attracting them back to your site when you publish a new content, or in case you plan to sell something with your blog in future, you have a well-built list of potential customers whom you can pitch frequently. Embed email sign-up forms on your blog and collect subscribers and synchronize with any of the free email marketing services to get started.

Quick tip: Make sure you don’t go around spamming your subscribers or they will unsubscribe from your list.

Step 6: Implement Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing tactics play a key role in your digital marketing efforts. The best way to promote your blog is to create different social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Social media is a great way to boost the number of visitors to your site and will help you spread the word about your brand and even to boost your latest articles to reach more people around the globe. You can measure engagement and see real-time feedback that can help you change the strategy for better revenue. Make sure you embed social sharing buttons in your blog articles to encourage readers to share your blog around. You can do this using any of the free WordPress plugins.

Step 7: Try Your Hands On Paid Ads

Obviously to be a digital marketing expert you need to brush up the Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Advertising skills. Set up your Google Adwords (or even a Bing Ads account) and start targeted ads to attract more visitors to your site. Mostly these advertising sites offer free credits for signing up for the first time. Use this free credit and try experimenting with the different forms of the paid ad. You can try collecting their email to increase your email list or if you have something to sell, try pitching it to them through the targeted ads. Make sure you convert your blog into a mobile friendly blog and create mobile ads in Adwords. Also, try running Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ads for as low as $1-$2.

Step 8: Look Around For Ways To Monetize Your Blog

After a few months when the traffic starts to increase on your blog, you can try different ways to make money from your blog. For this, you can use Pay-Per-Click services such as Google Adsense or you can try your hands on affiliate marketing (recommending various products to your target audience and in return earning a commission on each sale).


The best way to become a digital marketing expert is to create a blog experiment and to learn immediately along with growing an online asset. To make sure you stay organized, plan your monthly online marketing schedule in advance. Create a schedule for your articles and digital marketing efforts you want to try on the website for each month and stick to it. All these tips will help you get started on your digital marketing journey and soon you will be able to start working as a marketer for other blogs and websites as well!

So get started and do get in touch if you need any help or advice from me. All the best!

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