14 Sure-shot Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post


When you finish making your blog post with opening lines, attractive headings, and meaningful content and finally post it on your site. The next step is to promote it across to let everyone know about it. It is not only about publishing it immediately after you finish. Rather it is also about the timing. You have to find the perfect moment to post your blog. So you hit the publish button, what next? Is the job done? People will start visiting your blog and your site will rank on the top? Just like that? Well, the fact is, it’s just another post released into the already overcrowded world! Even though most people and bloggers think that you just have to sit back and see how people will react, that is not a wise decision.

Instead of watching the statistics all day, you can do something more than staring at your screen in order to boost and promote the blog post. The work has just begun with clicking publish, and the next step is to increase the effectiveness. There are many different websites that talk about marketing and promoting blog as a whole, however, micro promotion at a post by post level is also a highly effective strategy. In this blog, I am going to present the best ways to promote your next blog post. Let’s get started.

Note: Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all techniques and methods for each and every post, instead find what the most effective one is and combine them depending on how suitable they a particular content.

1. Pitching Other Bloggers

An effective way to get out in the open is to let other bloggers know that you are there. The best recommendation is to share your post with the fellow bloggers out there, especially if he/she has more visitors, drop a mail to them and ask them to read or review it. Chances are they might like it and share or link the blog in their own content. The main problem is that it is difficult to find other bloggers and to get them to link your post, especially if you are new in the market. You can always surf around on the internet to find the bloggers in your niche and contact them through their website or email.

However, keep these things in mind,

  • Relevancy is the key

It is important to find bloggers that are relevant. You won’t get anything if the blogger you are pitching doesn’t have an audience similar to the one you are targeting in your blog post.

  • Pitch only best posts

You will have a better success rate if you share better stuff with them. The idea is to provide the perfect blog posts and to ask them to leave a comment or re-share it if they find it interesting and relevant for their audience.

  • Give them an angle

You can contact the blogger and tell him why your post is important for his blog. You have to find a way to make him want your post. Also, look around on his/her site and if there have any similar content to the one you are going to pitch him for. If yes, you can talk about his content and can even share a few genuine suggestions if you think you have something to tell them. After you do this, go ahead and mention about your blog and also talk exactly how it might add value to his existing content.

  • Keep it simple

    Stick to the point because they can find out the details of your post when they actually visit the site. Just need to mention the key points in the email.

You can also try various Facebook and Linkedin groups that are dedicated to promoting bloggers and their work. You can also try meeting the bloggers in your local area to meet, share ideas and hopefully ask them to help you promote your blog.

2. Social Profiles and Personal Messaging

Social media changed the way we can promote everything. The same thing goes for blogs. There is a large source of traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you can easily share your blogs and tag everyone you think might be interested in reading it. You can send it individually as a personal message to people on your friend/ followers list that will surely engage them in your blog. Choose the one sentence from the blog and write it as a teaser, so that others could understand what your blog is all about.

Instagram stories and IGTV is also something you should try. Post a teaser of your blog post and provide the link in your profile. This way you can generate more profile views as well as generate more website visitors.

Promote Your Next Blog Post

3.  Use Facebook Messenger

With more than 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is now the world’s largest mobile messaging app. What does it mean to you? Well, it offers a massive opportunity for you to promote your blog and send a notification to your bot subscribers each time you have a new blog post! How? By leveraging chatbots, you now have the power to automatically engage with your targeted audience with Messenger users. The best part is, there are many tools our there like Collect.chat, chatfuel, and manychat that can help you build a successful bot with zero coding required! They have free plans to get you started.

4. Internal Linking

Promoting your blog on someone else’s website or blog is a good and effective way, but it goes another way round too. That means you need to promote your blog on your own site too! Add relevant hyperlinks to your blog. Also, add the link of your new post on the front page of the blog site, one of the most transparent places for promotion.

5. Newsletters

It’s time to send email to your subscribers to let them know about your new blog post! If you have an email database, you can just write some teaser content and add a link into an email, before sending. Use a good the email marketing techniques that you can think off in order to get their attention.

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6. Send the Email Again to the Unopened

Here’s the step that most people ignore and lose the chance to promote the blog. After you’ve sent the first email promoting your blog post, come up with a new subject line and new email body to pull people in. After 24 to 48 hours of the initial email has been sent, resend the same email to the unopened. But try including a new subject line! The key is recycling your content. Getting it in front of people multiple times. You can use tools like AweberConstant Contact, or Mailchimp to schedule the mails well in advance.

7. Harness the Power of Pinterest

Post about your new blog post on your individual Pinterest board as well as on the relevant Group boards. Pinterest group boards are very similar to the group platforms on other sites. It’s a collaborative board With a built-in audience where everyone shares about their interest and blogs. Using Pinterest Group boards, you can quickly build your following, increase your repins, and grow your blog traffic.

8. Post on Relevant Forums

If you are a member of some forums, you can easily add a link and promote yourself, especially for people who are interested in the topic you wrote about. However, make sure you participate in the discussions and provide valuable suggestions to other’s in the forum, else only dropping a link will make you look spammy and the admin may even ban you for the platform. You can also ask a fellow blogger, whether you can comment on their blog. It is always better to ask before you do it because not all of them will like it when you try to spam their page.

9. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin Groups

I mentioned this earlier. Share your blog post on popular groups to attract more visitors. However, like the forum postings, you need to take care of the group rules and should participate in discussions. Just don’t drop links. Provide some value first!

10. Email Signatures

Sometimes people use different apps and widgets that are perfect to implement link of their latest posts in the email they send. If you want to send an email to someone, and you can easily customize the signature at the end and add a link inside to promote your latest post. It is not a strange technique because it is used by many bloggers. However, every reach is one piece of awareness, which is good for you and your blog.

11. Advertise Your Post

You can always share your posts on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and boost it to reach your targeted audience. This is not that expensive (I boost some of my blogs for $3.40 or Rs. 250 only!)  and a far more efficient way to find leads.

12. Turn Your Blog Post Into a Video

In case you already don’t know, YouTube is one of the largest search engines out there. What does this mean? Well, you can draw a huge amount of traffic simply by turning your blog posts into a video. Look around for free tools that can help you convert the blog into an attractive video and go conquer the world! I discovered a great tool Lumen5 that helps you convert your blog into an engaging video within a few minutes! I used it for creating videos for this site as well as to post it on other sites and I love it. Though I am not promoting them here, it’s just I used it and found it worth mentioning in my blog. You can look around for similar tools and choose whatever you like. I am currently using this new tool, Reevio and I’m loving it so far.

digital marketing in lucknow

13. Syndicate Your Content

Once you’ve published a blog on your own site, you can republish it on other sites like Quora, Medium, Linkedin, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, Forbes, to get in front of new audiences. And the best part is – a lot of these sites do NOT require unique content. So you can simply copy and paste your existing blog posts, tweak it a bit or add more relevant information to it and post it to these sites with a link back to your original post.

Just make sure you wait about 2 weeks before doing this. So that Google indexes the original article on your site first. This way Google will know that you are the original author and will rank your site first.

14. You Can Turn Your Article into a Podcast

Now that you’ve written your article just grab a microphone and turn it into a podcast, a digital audio file which your user can download and listen to (More like a radio I guess!). Podcasting is a great way to attract a completely new set of audience.


There are many ways to promote your next blog post; however, I have listed down the most efficient ones. You can try each one of them and wait for statistics to see what is working best for your contents and then you have the sure shot way in front of you to promote all your future blog posts. In the era of internet, we have to find a way to differentiate from other similar bloggers that is why you should find your own combination of promotion technique that works best for your site. You just have to be persistent and keep on trying to hit the jackpot!

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  1. Good tips. Going to implement some of these. Sometimes blogging is such a lonely road but we could definitely get more readers with these tips! Thanks for sharing.

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